Greetings fellow space geek or maker!

Castor is the student space technology hobby club at Tampere University of Technology. We provide our members with a spacious club room and a lot of tools and knowledge for learning and having fun with space technology and other kinds of hacking and making.

The activities of our club consist of casual meetings and different types of organized events, such as excursions, movie trips, rocket launching trips, going to the annual Jämi FlyIn airshow and several saunas per year.

Our club room is SI011. You can find us by going to the cleanroom window next to the student physics lab and the access corridor connecting Tietotalo and Sähkötalo. Take the stairway next to the cleanrooms, go all the way down to the basement and take the corridor to left. Our club room is on the left after the first hallway. You can check here if the lights are on.

Take a look at our previous projects at our Projects page! We also have a Facebook page and Instagram, which are linked below. If you are interested in space or making stuff “because you can”, come take a look at one of our meetings and maybe join us. Joining gives you access to our inexhaustible supply of free soda and cheap snacks, a HD video projector, a great audio system and longer usage of our tools like the almighty MegaPrinter.